Help your students develop the English skills they need to excel in an academic context at the college or university level. Choose coursebooks with online resources that explore academic topics and develop students’ critical thinking while improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Advance in Academic Writing   

Advance in Academic Writing has been designed specifically to help students make a successful transition to college and university studies in which they are required to write assignments in academic English. Advance integrates active and critical reading, critical thinking, academic vocabulary building, academic writing style, and effective sentence structure and grammar around authentic academic texts. As students respond to these texts, they are taken through the research and writing processes they will need to master to succeed in their respective fields of study. 

Editor: Stephan Leduc
Author: Steve Marshall
Subject: Writing

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Critical Reading 

Critical Reading provides a systematic introduction to the process of analyzing and evaluating a written text. Students develop critical reading skills through the analysis of texts taken from authentic sources (journals, newspapers, magazines and websites) and a variety of academic disciplines. Students are encouraged to develop their comprehension and vocabulary skills, while at the same time forming a reasoned assessment of the effectiveness and validity of the text. There are opportunities for the further research, as well as writing tasks designed to allow students to synthesize the materials they have read and reach an individual conclusion. 

Author: Tania Pattison
Subject: Reading

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LEAP features a cross-curricular approach to teaching students the vocabulary and skills they need to thrive in a real-life academic context, while helping them apply critical thinking to a variety of global issues. This four-level program - LEAP 1 (High Beginner: CEFR Level A1+-B1), LEAP 2 (Intermediate - CEFR Level B1), LEAP 3 (High Intermediate - CEFR Level B2) and LEAP 4 (Advanced - CEFR Level C1) - delivers a flexible, discrete skills approach that uses high-interest international content to prepare students for the academic world.

Authors: Dr. Ken Beatty, Julia Williams
Subject: EAP
Level: From High-beginner to Advanced

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My eGrammar

My eGrammar is a complete grammar course for high-beginner to advanced learners of English. Available in three levels, it is offered in an easy-to-use online environment. My eGrammar provides students with all the theory and practice they need in an ideal format for self-study or blended learning.

Author: Lynne Gaetz
Subject: Grammar

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