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Find math and Geography, History and Citizenship Education series for Grades 1 to 6 that will get young learners off to a good start and keep them on track throughout elementary school. In print or digital format, series such as Digit, Numbers, Decimal and Waypoints (the translation of Escales) meet curriculum requirements and turn learning into a fun-filled adventure. 

Decimal, 2nd edition (Translation of Décimale) 

Decimal, 2nd Edition, offers a wide variety of avenues to learning that capture students’ attention and help them make connections between math class and their everyday lives. Teachers will appreciate the streamlined planning charts and the complete range of resources that ensure they have everything they need to cover the Cycle Three math program.

Auteurs: Annie Leblanc (v.a.), Catherine Lincourt (v.a.), Nathalie Fortier (v.a.)
Discipline: Mathématique
Niveau Québec:  5e année, 6e année
Copyright:  2023

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Numbers, 2nd edition (translation of TAM TAM) 

Numbers, 2nd Edition, is a complete series designed to support and motivate learning in Elementary Cycle Two mathematics. A wide variety of stimulating activities catch and hold students’ attention in relatable contexts they can connect to their everyday lives. A multitude of resources, including planning charts that highlight new content, make it easier for teachers to cover all the required concepts. Numbers makes math class enjoyable for both students and teachers! 

Auteurs: Isabelle Deshaies, Catherine Lincourt, Christiane Bessette
Discipline: Mathématique
Niveau Québec:  3e année, 4e année
Copyright:  2022

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Digit, 2nd edition (translation of Numérik) 

Cover the entire mathematics program for Grades 1 and 2 with the Digit series and discover the great new features of the second edition. It gets students involved in their learning and takes into account the needs expressed by our many users!

  • A learning progression better suited to students’ pace
  • A clearly mapped teaching approach featuring many activities to work on each concept
  • User-friendly, concrete support tailored to your teaching needs

Sous la direction de : Isabelle Deshaies
Auteurs: Catherine Lincourt, Suzanne Dion
Discipline: Mathématique
Niveau Québec:  1re année, 2e année
Copyright:  2020

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Waypoints Updated (translation of Escales) 

Cover all the prescribed knowledge of the Geography, History and Citizenship Education program for Grades 3 to 6 with Waypoints! This new series features short accessible texts, eye-catching visuals, full-page maps with interpretation questions, brief profiles of historical figures, and special features linking the past to the present.

Auteurs: Ève Bernier Cormier, Benoit Mallette
Discipline: Géographie, Histoire
Niveau Québec:  3e année, 4e année, 5e année, 6e année
Copyright:  2020

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