Help your students develop and refine their reading, writing and speaking skills in English including enriching vocabulary and improving grammatical accuracy. Our coursebooks, grammar books, and online resources are specially designed for college-level English courses at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.


Develop English fluency with the Avenues series, conceived specifically for low-beginner to high-intermediate students in an academic context. Written by Lynne Gaetz, author of the successful Open series, Avenues provides a vast selection of texts, extensive practice, and solid strategies and tips to help students become more comfortable in English.

Author: Lynne Gaetz
Subject: Block A, EAP, Grammar, Integrated Skills
Level: From Beginner to High-Intermediate

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Literary Horizons  

Literary Horizons is a comprehensive language arts material for advanced ESL students. Through a well-defined path, students will engage in the analysis of various literary genres including short stories, plays, poems, songs, speeches and graphic novels. Grammar and writing support is also provided to assist students in the production of a literary analysis essay.

Author: Andy Van Drom
Subject: Block A
Copyright: 2019

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My eGrammar

My eGrammar is a complete grammar course for high-beginner to advanced learners of English. Available in three levels, it is offered in an easy-to-use online environment. My eGrammar provides students with all the theory and practice they need in an ideal format for self-study or blended learning.

Author: Lynne Gaetz
Subject: Grammar

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