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Become is a four-skills series in field-specific English for young adults at the low-intermediate and intermediate levels. Unlike other field-specific series that aim for broad appeal through general-interest topics, Become focuses on individual learners: their interests, their aspirations, their lives. The reading and listening texts and the related production tasks offer the possibility of personal perspectives and responses. At the same time, student-centred activities and materials promote critical thinking and encourage students to become independent learners, responsible for their own success, both in the English classroom and in their chosen fields.

Author: Andy Van Drom
Subject: Integrated Skills
Copyright: 2020

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Technically Speaking 

Specifically designed for technical programs, the Technically Speaking coursebook with online practice helps intermediate students develop their English communication skills for the workplace.

Authors: Susan Quirk Drolet, Ann Farrell Seguin
Subject: Integrated Skills
Level: Intermediate

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Goals Second Edition

Aimed at students in academic, technical and business programs, Goals explores issues that students have in common: the workplace, successful careers, surveys and gathering data, the environment and conducting research. The new 2nd edition of Goals has been updated with new readings, videos and listening texts, as well as added testing materials available in e-space.

Author: Lynne Gaetz
Subject: Integrated Skills
Level: High-Intermediate
Copyright: 2017

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