ESL/EFL/ELL - General English Skills

Help adult learners develop practical English skills that they can use in everyday life, and in academic and workplace environments. Choose integrated skills coursebooks with extensive online resources that are designed for beginner to advanced levels of English.


This six-level General English course is designed with student output at the heart of the learning process, through a task-based approach for all four skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Geographically and culturally neutral, Connections can be used by any English learner around the world, no matter their mother tongue. It allows students to develop their communication skills in order to connect with others in personal, academic and workplace environments.   

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Authors: Shawna Cole, Sonia Egron, Natasha Forgues, Diego Pelaez Gaetz, Ken Lackman, Michelle McNaughton, Afshin Vatandoost, Joanna Katerelos and Sonja Winks
Subject: ESL
Level: From Low-beginner to Advanced
Copyright: 2023

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Say What You Mean 2

Say What You Mean 2 is the second level of a two-level coursebook series to develop and consolidate language skills for ESL and EAP students. Students learn communication strategies to share their opinions in discussions, present information, work in groups to find solutions to problems, and much more.

Authors: Tania Pattison, Tom Milburn
Subject: Listening and Speaking

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